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In Can operator is a program element that is applied to one or more operands in бабушка нxамом cекc expression or statement. One operator, the conditional operator?: The following C statement contains a single unary operator and a single operand. The following C statement contains two binary operators, each with two operands. An operand can be a valid expression that is composed of any length of code, and it can comprise any number of sub expressions. In an expression that бабушка нxамом cекc multiple operators, the order in which the operators бабушка нxамом cекc applied is determined by operator precedenceassociativityand parentheses.

Each operator has a defined precedence. In an expression that contains multiple operators that have different precedence levels, the precedence of the operators determines the order in which the operators are evaluated.

For example, the following statement assigns 3 to n1. The following table separates the operators into categories based on the type of operation they perform. The categories are listed in order of precedence. When two or more operators that have the same precedence are present in an expression, they are evaluated based on associativity. Left-associative operators are evaluated in order from left to right. Right-associative operators are evaluated in order from right to left.

For example, the assignment operator is right associative. If it were not, the following code would result in an error.

As another example the ternary operator?: Most binary operators are left associative. Whether the operators in an expression are left associative or right associative, the operands of each expression are evaluated first, from left бабушка нxамом cекc right. The following examples illustrate the order of бабушка нxамом cекc of operators and operands.

You can change the order imposed by operator precedence and associativity by using parentheses. The following examples illustrate the order of evaluation in parenthesized expressions. As бабушка нxамом cекc previous examples, the operands are evaluated before the operator is applied. You can change the behavior of operators for custom classes and structs.

This process is referred to as operator overloading. For more information, see Overloadable Operators and the operator keyword article. For more information, see Operator Keywords and C Operators. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Read about this change in our blog post. Primary Operators Expression Description x. Object and delegate creation new T See Object and Collection Initializers. Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback Content feedback You бабушка нxамом cекc also leave feedback directly on GitHub.

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