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Are gumdrops and jujubes the same?

That's where I learned that apparently gumdrops and jujubes are not quite the same thing, but that they are fairly close. Actually, it might be that the only difference is that gumdrops tend to be coated in sugar, but jujubes generally aren't.

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Similarly, are gumdrops and spice drops the same?

Size is not their only difference between these two candies. Gumdrops are fruit-flavored and spice drops are, well, spicier with flavors like clove, anise, etc.

One may also ask, why are they called gumdrops? They are usually brightly colored gelatin- or pectin-based pieces, shaped like a truncated cone and coated in granulated sugar. It is believed that Percy Trusdale invented the gumdrop in 1801. The NASA Apollo Command modules were nicknamed “ Gumdrops ” because of it's conical shape.

Simply so, are jujubes still made?

But in 1995 they sold out to Hershey's. Hershey's then sold Heide (along with their other famous candies Red Hot Dollars and line of gummis) to Farley's & Sather. While the Jujyfruits have remained relatively unchanged over the years, the Jujubes have gone through some substantial changes.

Are jujubes supposed to be hard?

Hard and dense, Jujubes are a stunted cylinder, slightly tapered at the top. Though they're not as rock hard today as they once were, the best way to eat a jujube safely is to treat it like a hard candy, sucking them until they are gone.

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