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Are slatwall accessories interchangeable?

Thanks! Re: Slat wall compatability are they all interchangeable ? They aren't all compatible (Gladiator being one of the "oddballs"). The "standard is the grooves being 3" on center and this is how about 8 out of 10 of the manufacturers do it.

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In respect to this, is Proslat compatible with slatwall?

No, only Proslat accessories fit Proslat wall panels. It is not standard 3" on center slatwall .

Also Know, what hooks work with Proslat? Hooks are designed to work with Proslat PVC slat wall organization. Silver powder-coated finish for increased resistance. Includes: twelve 4-inch hooks , two 8-inch double hooks , two 4-inch double hooks , two Heavy Duty Hooks , and two "U" hooks .

Besides, will Gladiator accessories work with Proslat?

Proslat hooks don't fit on Gladiator tracks. Once you commit to a slatwall vendor, you need to use their hardware. When you pull an item off a hook, the hook doesn't move around, as pegboard hooks do. You can store ladders, yard tools and bicycles on slatwall hooks .

How much weight can a slatwall shelf hold?

Un-reinforced slatwall will hold about 12 pounds per bracket 12" from the wall. Reinforced slatwall will hold about 50 pounds per bracket also 12” from the wall. Can I add metal inserts to slatwall I already have?

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