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Can a glomus tumor be cancerous?

Cancerous glomus tumors are exceedingly rare. Criteria for the diagnosis of malignancy in glomus tumors are: Tumor size of more than 2 centimeters and subfascial or visceral location.

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Similarly, you may ask, is glomus tumor dangerous?

Glomus tumors are highly vascular and usually solitary. Because they are usually benign and slow-growing, mortality rates are low (less than 15 percent). However, their growth can cause significant damage to surrounding tissue and nerves. Common symptoms of glomus tumors are hearing loss and facial palsies.

Subsequently, question is, do glomus tumors grow back? Glomus tumor is a benign condition in which a complete excision usually leads to cure, with low incidence of recurrence. However, this benign condition has an unusually high morbidity to the patient before the correct diagnosis is made.

Also asked, what causes a glomus tumor?

The cause of the proliferation of glomus cells in Glomus tumor is unknown however there have been theories that trauma induces solitary subungual glomus tumors . Glomus tumors that are skin-colored or located in the nail matrix have a higher incidence of recurrence.

What is a glomus Vagale tumor?

Glomus vagale tumor is a type of paraganglioma, which is a tumor that develops in the paraganglia (a group of cells that are found near nerve cell bunches called ganglia). In most cases, the tumors are benign, although rare cancerous cases have been reported.

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