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Can a nurse bill CPT code 93793?

The CPT ® code for a fingerstick, 36416, has a status indicator of bundled, and Medicare won't pay it, and neither will most payers. Do not bill either a nurse visit or code 93793 when done on the day of an office visit. Remember if it is a Medicare patient, you must meet incident to guidelines.

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Similarly, you may ask, how do you bill for anticoagulation management?

CPT code 99363 is to be used after the initial 90 days of outpatient warfarin therapy. The code is intended to reimburse the physician work involved in adjusting warfarin levels based on a review of a patient's international normalized ratio (INR) measurements.

Also, what is CPT code g0250? Long Descriptor G0250 : Physician review, interpretation, and patient management of home INR testing for a. patient with either mechanical heart valve(s), chronic atrial fibrillation, or venous thromboembolism who meets.

Also asked, how often can 93793 be billed?

G0250 describes the physician review, interpretation, and patient management of home INR testing. This service is payable only once every 4 weeks. The date of service is the date of the fourth test interpretation. For 2018, there is also code 93793 describing the physician interpretation and instructions.

What is the CPT code for INR testing?


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