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Can the robot be programed to ignore taking hidden information while using the full text method?

Accurate, Fast and background automation support are the main advantages of FullText method . Robot can be programmed to ignore taking hidden information while using the Full Text method . Data Scraping is the best method to retrieve results from multiple web pages like google, amazon etc.

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In this way, can the robot be programed to ignore taking hidden information while using the full text method quizlet?

Screen scraping by using the FullText method because it retrieves the entire text . Native, because it works in the background. Data Scraping, because it can operate with structured data and return a data table.

Similarly, what is the robot able to do when full text scraping method is used? By using the full-text scraping method, the robot is able to get hidden text, editable text, and visible text.

  • The method of Data Scraping is used in retrieving results from various web pages. This wizard is used in scraping tables.
  • The method of Full-text scrapping is used by the robot for scrapping texts.

Just so, which text extraction method can you use to get text position?

Get Text is a basic activity to extract the text value of specified UI element. It does not use any of the scraping methods - FullText/Native/OCR. It just extracts the plain text . Screen scraping methods provide us additional attributes of the element like hidden text , text position etc.

What is the slowest method of reading text quizlet?

The main advantage of the OCR method is: It works on every application even if it's running in a virtual environment.

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