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Can you paint an unfinished basement?

Even if you only use the basement for laundry and storage, it can look much better if you take the time to paint the ceiling. A painted, but otherwise unfinished , ceiling takes on the look of an industrial space and can turn an eyesore into a cool, hip area.

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Likewise, how can I make my unfinished basement look better?

Here's how:

  1. Stop the Moisture. The biggest anti-cozy factor in most unfinished basements is moisture.
  2. Add Some Area Rugs. Now that your basement is moisture-free, you can cozy up that concrete floor.
  3. Throw Down Some Pillows. When in doubt, add throw pillows.
  4. Add Tasteful Lighting.
  5. Hide Unsightly Spots.
  6. Paint the Ceiling.

can you paint an unfinished basement ceiling? Painting an Exposed Basement Ceiling After priming, it's time to paint . The wood rafters and beams soaked up a lot of primer, so you will need a lot less paint .

Subsequently, one may also ask, what color should I paint my unfinished basement?

In general, we recommend painting finished basements in bright whites or very light cool greys or blues. These lighter colors (along with great interior lighting) can help your finished basement space feel airy and spacious, even without windows.

Can you live in an unfinished basement?

For numerous reasons, including for the collection of taxes, it is considered illegal to allow someone to receive RENT for allowing someone to stay in an unfinished basement apartment. You are generally required to obtain a permit from the local city/town to rent out the area.

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