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Does barometer have to be on outside wall?

Because air pressure is basically the same indoors and out, a barometer can be placed inside or outside . For home use, hang a barometer on a wall in a place where people can read it conveniently. In most cases, this is an indoor wall , but outdoor walls work, too.

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Furthermore, does a barometer need to be outside?

Hang the barometer in a location that works for you. It makes no difference whether the barometer is hung on an inside or an outside wall. The pressure will be the same both indoors and outdoors .

Similarly, how do you transport a barometer? The best advice we can give is to just tilt the barometer slowly and gently to 45 degrees and let the top of the tube fill with mercury, then transport the barometer at that angle. Be sure to wrap the barometer in a good, stout plastic bag to contain any possible mercury spills, and cushion it well.

Keeping this in consideration, can you fix a barometer?

Check the adjusting or transporting screw at the base of the barometer . If it is screwed too tightly the adjusting screw will prevent the mercury from falling when pressure falls, and only works when pressure increases. Remove the complete glasswork of a broken tube.

Where is a barometer placed?

1) How A Mercury Barometer Works A glass tube with one end sealed, is placed in the center of the container. The open end is positioned at the bottom inside the mercury.

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