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Does Bctc have online classes?

BCTC offers online courses in a wide array of disciplines and fields. A full listing of our online classes is available on the Schedule of Classes page.

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Keeping this in view, how much are online classes at BCTC?

Tuition & Costs

Tuition Category Cost Per Credit Hour
In-State Students $174/credit hour
Out-of-State Students: From Contiguous Counties* $348/credit hour
Out-of-State Students: Other Out-of-State Students $609/credit hour
Mandatory Fee** (all students): $8/credit hour

Additionally, what percentage of your classes must be from BCTC to get a degree at BCTC? *Important* to receive a BCTC degree , 25% of classes must originate from BCTC . Non- BCTC options include: Learn by Term. Learn by Term Classes are offered by any one of the 16 KCTCS colleges.

Also asked, does Jctc have online classes?

Jefferson offers students the opportunity to enroll in online courses offered by any of the 16 KCTCS colleges across the state of Kentucky. There are literally hundreds of online classes available within this system, so there's no shortage of options, no matter your future plans.

Does BCTC have dorms?

Housing and Dining. It is important that our prospective international students understand that Bluegrass Community and Technical College does not have designated housing for their students. However, BCTC students are permitted to apply for housing on the neighboring campus of the University of Kentucky.

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