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How can I tell if my drain tile is clogged?

Examine the area from which the drain tile is carrying water. Sump pits are usually located in the basement or crawl space of your home. Ensure that your pit is fully drained. If you can see the water hanging about in your pit, particularly after heavy rain, then your drain tile could be blocked.

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Also, how do I know if my footer drain is clogged?

Wait for a day of heavy rain, then check the pipe terminus. If water isn't flowing out, there's a clog . Wait for the rain to stop then look up the pipe with a flashlight to see if you can identify any clogs from dirt collecting in the mouth of the pipe.

Furthermore, what do drain tiles look like? Drain Tile is perforated (has holes) to allow water a point of entry. Immersed in a bed of stone, which facilitates drainage to the piping. The pipe is usually round / cylindrical in shape, although there are some square or rectangular shaped drainage systems. Shape makes no difference in the flow of water.

Simply so, how do you unclog a drain tile?

How to Clean Foundation Drain Tiles

  1. Locate a collection point for your foundation drain tiles.
  2. Access the tile piping by removing the connecting device.
  3. Place the sewer snake into the end of the foundation drain pipe.
  4. Attach a hose to the end of drain tile, with the other end of the hose attached to a faucet.

How do I clear a blocked outside drain?

Baking soda is a natural, readily available and safe chemical for unblocking kitchen drains . Add a few cups of baking soda to vinegar and then pour down the drain . Leave the mixture for about thirty minutes, then pour boiling water. This should remove the blockage .

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