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How did economic imperialism lead to India becoming a British colony?

The main way in which economic imperialism led to India's becoming a British colony is that Britain wanted to control more land in order to control more resources and therefore money. Explanation: the primary British settlers were merchants, who created mercantilism posts on the coast.

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In this regard, how was the economy of India transformed by the British?

The forms of imperial rule were colony, sphere of rule, protectorate, and economic imperialism. How was the economy of India transformed by the British ? Indian competition with British goods was prohibited, so many Indian textiles went out of business. India also traded raw products to Europe and Asia.

Secondly, how did imperialism contribute to unity and to the growth of nationalism in India? Imperialism contributed to unity and growth of nationalism in India because it did get rid of slavery, and brought in new standards of humanity, and taught the Indian people how to come together in some ways. Explain the tactics used by Gandhi and the INC to achieve independence for India .

Regarding this, how was India affected by imperialism?

British imperialism had many positive and negative effects on India . India was introduced to much more modern technology, communication systems, an increase in population and standard of living, but also lead to famine, and dependency on Britain.

How did British imperialism in India start?

In 1858, after the Mutiny, the British government took full control of India . Now India directly came under British rule. British imperialism in India had impacted the nation adversely. First of all, India's wealth was drained to a great extent during this period.

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