command. To add a range of ports to a VLAN, use the tagged ethernet < start interface > to < end interface > command.">

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How do I add a port to a VLAN on Brocade?

To add a port to that VLAN , so that traffic across that port is tagged for the specified VLAN , use the tagged ethernet < interface > command. To add a range of ports to a VLAN , use the tagged ethernet < start interface > to < end interface > command.

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In this manner, can a port have multiple VLANs?

The answer is yes, but it depends on what you're trying to do. There are 2 types of ports when it comes to Vlans : Trunk ports and Access Ports . Trunk ports are designed to move data on multiple Vlans between switches and routers. Access ports are designed to plug an end-user device into, like a computer or printer.

what is dual mode Brocade? In Brocade IOS, the dual - mode command provides switch port tagging between two VLANs. Dual mode isolates the native data VLAN.

Simply so, how do I enable ports on my Brocade switch?

To enable a port:

  1. Connect to the switch and log in as admin as described in Connect to the Command Line Interface.
  2. Issue the portenable portnumber command, where portnumber is the number of the port you want to enable.

What is tagged untagged VLAN?

The Switch will not change anything on the vlan tagging of the packet. This means that the client is responsible for the tagging . untagged - means that if there is packets on this port that have no vlan id set will have their vlan id tag set to this vlan by the switch.

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