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How do I pass ITIL 4 Foundation?

You must score at least 65 percent (26 questions) to earn the ITIL Foundation Certification. You can achieve AXELOS-accredited ITIL 4 Foundation certification by following these steps: Take the test after completing the training. Score at least 65% on the exam.

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Likewise, people ask, how do I pass ITIL 4 Foundation exam?

4 essential tips to help you pass the ITIL Foundation exam

  1. Set some time aside to study. Even if you have decided on taking the self-study route, try to put a side a couple of hours a week if you are studying alongside your job.
  2. Think of ITIL only and not practical experience.
  3. Take your time to understand the questions.
  4. Don't panic – relax and take your time.

Likewise, how hard is it to pass the ITIL Foundation exam? Don't panic, many exam takers have expressed that the exam is not too difficult . Some Aspirants even can pass the Foundation Exam the first try with 2 to 3 days' study and preparation. However, many studies have suggested that if one is under extreme pressure or stress, the performance will deteriorate significantly.

Herein, what is the pass rate for ITIL Foundation?

While it is true that ITIL Foundation has the highest pass rate of all the ITIL Exams, in the 92 to 94% range, 6 to 8% of the people who take the exam will not pass .

How long does it take to study for the ITIL Foundation exam?

Therefore, a typical ITIL Foundation preparation takes around 35-45 hours in total. If you consider that you will be able to study only in the evenings, during weekends and public holidays, we assume that you can spare around 6 hours for ITIL Foundation study each week.

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