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How do I remove Kubernetes from my Mac?

3 Answers. Tear down Kubernetes in Docker for OS X is quite an easy task. Go to Preferences , open Reset tab, and click Reset Kubernetes cluster . All object that have been created with Kubectl before that will be deleted.

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Also know, how do I remove Minikube from my Mac?

cpl and hit Enter key. - In there, find an entry for the Minikube installer, right click on it & click on Uninstall . - Follow the onscreen prompts to uninstall minikube from your system.

Additionally, how do I disable Kubernetes? Stopping the Kubernetes cluster

  1. As the root user, enter the following command to stop the Kubernetes worker nodes:
  2. Stop all worker nodes, simultaneously or individually.
  3. After all the worker nodes are shut down, shut down the Kubernetes master node.
  4. Stop the NFS server last.

Also to know, how do I completely remove docker from my Mac?

Remove Docker manually Open the Applications folder in Finder → scroll and select Docker → make a right click → in the context menu select Move to Trash. But this is not the complete removal of Docker from Mac . Actually, every application creates support files on a computer so that all functions work properly.

How do I completely remove Docker?

Uninstall Docker

  1. Go to Settings > Apps on your Windows 10 machine.
  2. Under Apps & Features, find Docker for Windows.
  3. Go to Docker for Windows > Uninstall.
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