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How do I use my lifetime guest pass?

You may use one guest pass per individual person each month. Monthly member guest passes do not accrue. You can check the status of your guest passes online or via the Life Time mobile app at any time. All guests must present a valid photo ID.

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Correspondingly, how much is a guest pass at lifetime?

Membership Policies

Card Level Life Time 1 Life Time 3
Card Level Diamond Life Time 1 Starting price: $140.00 per month $140.00 / mo Ending Price: $269.00 per month $269.00 / mo Life Time 3 Starting price: $289.00 per month $289.00 / mo Ending Price: $599.99 per month $599.99 / mo

Furthermore, can you get a day pass to lifetime fitness? Life Time Day Pass . Day passes provide full access to the specified club for a calendar day . Enjoy group fitness classes, top-quality equipment, beautiful pools, well-apportioned locker rooms and more. Day passes are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Also, can you bring the same guest to lifetime?

Guest Passes At Lifetime Fitness Each pass will admit an entire family (which is considered to be people who live at the same address). If you bring in a guest , expect them to be “questioned” by a manager as to whether or not they're interested in becoming members.

How do Equinox guest passes work?

Unlike other gyms you may have tried in the past, an Equinox guest passes allows the potential member or guest of a member to try their club for seven days. The length of some passes may differ, but most are seven days which gives the guest free range to all of the amenities that a regular member is entitled to.

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