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How do you install a shark bite water valve?

Sand down the edge of the copper and first 1 inch using emery cloth or a pipe tool. Place the SharkBite depth tool on your pipe and make a mark 1 inch in from the edge. Slide the SharkBite water shut off valve onto your pipe and PRESTO, you're done.

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Regarding this, can I use sharkbite on water main?

or main water line? Sharkbite sold at Home Depot. This is the most amazing plumbing gizmo ever! Sharkbite lets you work with copper, Pex, and PVC even if you have never done plumbing before.

Similarly, what is the life expectancy of a SharkBite fitting? SharkBite fittings and PEX pipe carry a 25-year warranty against any manufacturer's defect as long as the item has been installed in accordance with the installation instructions and complies with local code.

Similarly, it is asked, how does a shark bite fitting work?

SharkBites are simple to use. You push a tube into the fitting , far enough that it grabs a hold of the pipe. The O-ring seal inside creates a watertight seal.

Is Shark Bite plumbing reliable?

If you need to repair or replace copper plumbing in your home, a SharkBite fitting is an excellent choice. Sharkbites are approved for use underground and behind walls, but installing them there could be risky. A SharkBite fitting contains a rubber O-ring, which is not best for permanent connections.

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