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How do you make mittens out of old socks?

Fingerless Sock Mittens
  1. Create the thumb space. The thumb is going to be the odd man out because it's going to be separated from the other fingers.
  2. Cut the finger space. Place your hand over the sock and align your thumb in the center of the toe area.
  3. Turn the socks inside out to hide the future seams.

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Considering this, how do you make hand warmers out of socks?


  1. Find a pair of knee length socks.
  2. Cut the foot part of the sock entirely off.
  3. Cut a small hole for your thumb.
  4. Repeat with other sock.
  5. Cut out the heel edge and stitch back together.
  6. Turn the gloves inside out, fold the top over, and sew together to prevent unraveling.
  7. Repeat for the other arm.

Likewise, how do you make lace gloves with your fingers? Cut out your hand shape and cut a straight edge across the fingers and thumb, take note of how far up your fingers /thumb you want the end of the gloves to sit. For the thumb, remember to allow room for a seam stitch. Take your stretch lace fabric and double it over, right sides together.

Similarly one may ask, how do you make gloves out of socks with fingers?

Cut around the fingers and lay it on top of the sock . Next, you sew around the fingers and sew the cuff of the sock to the bottom part of the glove . Sew around the cuff as you would a cuff for a shirt. Next cut the excess sock material off and you have made gloves with fingers from socks .

How do you keep fingerless gloves from fraying?

Keep your fingerless gloves from fraying with few supplies. This process requires no sewing and leaves your fingerless gloves soft, stretchy and warm. Lay newspaper on your work surface. Pour a small amount of fabric glue onto a paper plate and set to the side of the newspaper.

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