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How do you restring a Homelite gas trimmer?

How to Restring a Homelite Weed Wacker
  1. Ensure that the trimmer is shut off and disconnected from all power.
  2. Push in the tabs on the side of the spool retainer, and pull the spool upward to remove it from the trimmer head.
  3. Remove any old string still on the spool.
  4. Cut two lengths of 0.065-inch monofilament line to approximately 9 feet each.

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Then, how do I fix my Homelite trimmer?

How to Troubleshoot a 2-Cycle Homelite String Trimmer

  1. Use the screwdriver to gently pop the rubber spark plug boot off of the spark plug.
  2. Clean the spark plug with the toothbrush, gas, and rag.
  3. Let the spark plug and rubber boot hang close to a metal point on the engine block.
  4. Replace the spark plug and repeat test again if there's no spark.

Also Know, is Homelite a good brand? The Homelite brand has a reputation for delivering affordable, functional tools with average homeowners in mind. This is on full display with the Homelite UT43122B electric chainsaw. It's a good choice for occasional use and can handle pretty much any cutting job that's likely to pop up around the yard.

Likewise, people ask, are Homelite trimmers any good?

The Homelite UT33650 Gas Trimmer is one of the least expensive and most basic weed whackers we reviewed. It works fine if you have a small yard, but it can't handle much beyond that. With a 17-inch cutting swath, the dual-line head does a good job slicing grass and weeds.

Why does my strimmer line keep breaking?

Contact with an object in the grass or along the lawn perimeter represents the most frequent cause of trimmer line breaks . The trimmer head hits a wall, paving edge, garden stone, or some other type of object. Trimmer lines must rotate freely or else tension builds up until the line breaks .

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