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How do you use FCM?

If you are using GCM with Intercom you will need to migrate to FCM.
  1. Enable Google services for your app.
  2. Setup client to receive push.
  3. Add your Server key to Intercom for Android settings.
  4. Setting your FCM icon.
  5. Open Intercom conversations from FCM.
  6. Disable push on log out.
  7. Using Intercom with other FCM setups (Optional)

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Moreover, how do I set up FCM?

Set up a Firebase Cloud Messaging client app on Android

  1. Contents.
  2. Set up Firebase and the FCM SDK.
  3. Edit your app manifest.
  4. Access the device registration token. Retrieve the current registration token. Monitor token generation.
  5. Check for Google Play services.
  6. Prevent auto initialization.
  7. Next steps.

Also Know, is Google FCM free? Firebase Cloud Messaging is free of charge, just like Google Cloud Messaging was. The Firebase pricing page shows exactly what Firebase features are paid. Yes, it's free . You can use Analytics for advanced messaging - out of the box.

Also Know, how does FCM work in Android?

FCM is a free service from Google that lets users reliably deliver push notifications at no cost. You can send two types of messages to your app with FCM : Notification messages, sometimes thought of as “display messages.” These are handled by the FCM SDK automatically.

How does FCM push notification work?

The Android push notifications through FCM actually treats the Data Messages as notification messages itself. As the interactions in the data messages are handled by the app itself, FCM's work is just to deliver a notification and the message content. Connection to the FCM server. A third-party push server.

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