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How does a whole house air exchanger work?

Dust, bacteria, mold, and particles from gas and steam all stay in air , polluting it over time. Air exchangers work by circulating stale indoor air out of your home and circulating in fresh air from outside. Exchangers use one fan and vent system to blow indoor air outside, while another sucks fresh air in.

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Regarding this, should you leave your air exchanger on all the time?

Your air exchanger is most effective when run continuously. It 'll take time for your exchanger to throw this polluted air out, even after you turn it back on. Keep your exchanger operating at low settings constantly, and you won't have to worry about stale air buildup.

Also, how much does it cost to run an air exchanger? The cost of an air exchanger will vary based on the manufacturer, but generally, an air exchanger will cost approximately $980 to $1,200 per unit.

Air Exchange System Cost .

Air Exchanger Costs Minimum Cost Maximum Cost
Labor Costs $250 $400
Supplies $30 $200
Total $1,260 $1,800

do I need an air exchanger in my house?

Their main purpose is to improve the quality of home insulation and save money. Air exchangers do not provide heating or cooling in your house . Instead, they channel fresh air in your home without requiring you to open windows or doors. For the reason air exchangers save heat, they help saving money as well.

How does a fantech air exchanger work?

An HRV transfers "sensible" energy (Heat/Cool) from the high (heat) to the low (cool), tempering the cool air in/out. An ERV transfers the "sensible" energy the same as the HRV, it also transfers "Latent" energy (humidity) from the high (warm) to the low (cool) side.

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