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How far is Red Rock Canyon from Las Vegas?

about 25 miles

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Beside this, how much does it cost to go to Red Rock Canyon?

Cost : $15 per car, $15 per vehicle for commercial vehicles (tour buses and limousines, for example) plus $5 per person, $10 for motorcyclists, $5 for bicyclist and hikers who park at the loop entrance; an annual pass is available for $30. Location: About 20 miles from the Vegas Strip.

Also Know, can you drive through Red Rock Canyon? Scenic Drive is a picturesque loop road through Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The road offers a memorable drive or bike ride with access to numerous trails and overlooks. Scenic Drive is 12.5 miles long if you drive straight through and about 13 miles long if you pull off at each of the various overlooks.

Keeping this in view, how long is the drive from Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon?

It's around 35 minutes from the Strip each way. There's a little visitor center that you should stop and visit, then the drive loop itself.

Is Red Rock Canyon worth visiting?

I would say Red Rock Canyon is definitely worth a visit , especially if you want to do something outdoors but don't want to take the time to travel somewhere far from Vegas. It's so close and doesn't have to take very long - it's entirely up to you how much time to spend.

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