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How much does the Running Man cast earn?

The starting salary of Yoo Jae-Suk was about $12,000 per episode.

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In this regard, who has the most win in Running Man?

Jeon So-min and Yang Se-chan joined Running Man from Episode 346, hence the low total wins . I want to thank /u/Shadowwars12 for updating the total wins up to 2016.

Win Totals.

Name Total Wins Win Rate %
Yoo Jae-suk 161 33.54%
Haha 145 30.21%
Ji Suk-jin 120 25.00%
Kim Jong-kook 160 33.33%

Also Know, how much does Yoo Jae Suk make per episode? Since 2011, it is estimated that he received around 10 million won (approximately $8,500 ) per episode. Also, according to the 2011 KBS document, Yoo Jae Suk received 439 million won (approximately $372,000) for his appearance in “Happy Together” resulting in around 10 million won (approximately $8,500 ) per episode.

Consequently, who smokes in Running Man?

Running Man's Ji Suk Jin caught smoking an e- cigarette on air | allkpop.

Are Running Man members close?

The Running Man family members are very close as we've been working together very often since we were younger. So there really aren't members who are particularly close to each other, everyone is close and gets along like a real family, much like blood relatives.

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