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How much of bottled water is tap water?

In a new report entitled "Take Back the Tap ," Food & Water Watch explains that 64 percent of bottled water comes from municipal tap water sources—meaning that Americans are often unknowingly paying for water that would otherwise be free or nearly free.

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Similarly, is it better to drink tap water or bottled water?

Bottled water is not typically safer than tap water . In fact, more than half of all bottled water comes from the tap . Bottled water costs from $0.89 per gallon to $8.26 per gallon, compared to fractions of a penny for water from your tap . That makes bottled water thousands of times more expensive than tap water .

Beside above, is there a health benefit from consuming bottled water instead of tap water? Plain bottled water itself is generally safe to drink, but because of the handling and packaging process, it's possible to introduce germs into the water that may normally not be found in tap water . For example, some bottled water has tested positive for E. coli bacteria.

People also ask, does bottled water contain tap water?

According to the Beverage Marketing Association, a trade group, nearly 50% of all bottled water sold in the U.S. is just tap water that's been purified. The regulated standards for bottled water and tap water are actually very similar.

Why is bottled water bad?

Bottled Water Often Contains Toxins From The Plastic BPA and other plastic toxins can then make their way into your bloodstream, which can cause a host of problems including various cancers as well as liver and kidney damage.

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