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Is CPT code 92507 A timed code?

Most speech-language pathology codes do not have time units assigned to them, such as 92507 (speech-language treatment). If no time is noted in the descriptor, each code counts as one session. Evaluation for speech-generating device (92607, first hour; 92608, each additional 30 minutes)

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Also to know is, does CPT code 92507 need a modifier?

Use this code when no other CPT code description appropriately describes the evaluation or treatment. Cannot use on the same DOS as 92506, 92597, 92607, or 92608. Use 92507 with modifier "UC" for therapy following a cochlear implant. The procedure code description defines this code as one hour.

Furthermore, is 92508 a timed code? Codes 92507 and 92508 are not considered time-based codes and should be reported only one time per session; in other words, the codes are reported without regard to the length of time spent with the patient performing the service.

In respect to this, is CPT 92526 a timed code?

Speech Therapy Treatments The billing structure for ST treatment (procedure codes 92507 and 92526 ) will change from timed and payable in units to payable per encounter and limited to once per day for all providers.

Is CPT 97127 a timed code?

97129 (base code ) and 97130 (add-on code ) are time-based codes . They replace CPT code 97127 and HCPCS G- code G0515. See "Deleted Codes " below. Learn more about correct billing of timed codes .

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