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Is Dirt a foreign substance in softball?

Therefore applying dirt to the hand and not wiping the hand off is perfectly legal by ASA Official Rules of Softball . So, dirt is considered a foreign substance when it is intentionally and purposely applied to the ball by a player. But if the ball gets dirty through normal game play, that isn't illegal.

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Also know, is dirt considered a foreign substance in softball?

Comp. No, both ASA and FED have clarifications that dirt is not a foreign substance and there is no need to wipe the hand after touching dirt .

Beside above, can a pitcher rub dirt on the ball? Also, pitchers are not allowed to rub the ball on their clothes, glove or other body parts besides their hands, nor are they permitted to pitch with an attachment such as a bandage, tape or bracelet on either hand or wrist.

Accordingly, what is a legal catch in softball?

Sec. A catch is a legally caught ball, which occurs when the fielder catches a batted or thrown ball with his hand(s) or glove. The fielder's feet must be within the field of play, touching the 'out of play' line or being in the air after leaving live ball territory in order to have a valid catch .

Is Pine Tar illegal in softball?

Resin, pine tar or spray substances to enhance the hold are permitted on the grip only.

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