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Is IKEA coming to Ontario California?

IKEA is coming to Ontario . After nearly one year of speculation, the Swedish furniture store chain has announced it will build a 330,000-square-foot store at the southwest corner of Inland Empire Boulevard and Archibald Avenue, said Brad Gates, Ontario's business operations director.

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Hereof, is Topgolf coming to Ontario California?

Topgolf is coming to Ontario ! The global sports entertainment phenomenon will be opening its second location in Southern California ! Topgolf will be located on the southeast corner of N Archibald Ave and Fourth St.

Also, when did IKEA come to Ontario? IKEA opened its first Toronto area store in Mississauga on October 29, 1977 .

Likewise, people ask, where is the biggest Ikea in Ontario?

In celebration of Canada's 150th birthday, the Citizen is rolling out one fact each day for 150 days until July 1, highlighting the odd, the fascinating and the important bits of Ottawa history you might not know about. Up until 2013, the IKEA located on Iris Street was the largest IKEA in North America.

How many IKEAs are there in California?

California currently has eight IKEA locations -- more than any other state. In SoCal, there are IKEAs in Burbank, Carson, Covina and Costa Mesa.

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