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Is NBDE valid in Canada?

The American NBDE , or National Board Dental Examination, is not to be confused with the Canadian NDEB (National Dental Examining Board). Thanks to the reciprocity agreement, dental students or graduates of accredited Canadian dental schools are eligible to take the NBDE .

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Also, can a foreign dentist work in Canada?

Foreign -trained dentists can practise in Canada only if they pass the National Dental Examining Board of Canada equivalency process or if they take an advanced placement program in a Canadian dental school,” Heider says.

One may also ask, is Canadian DDS valid in USA? If your DDS is from a canadian school then you are eligible for licensure in the states once you pass the clinical exam.

Simply so, are dentists in demand in Canada?

The wage and employment prospects for dentists are very good in Canada and the demand for dentists is expected to increase over the years. Currently, over 21, 000 dentists are employed in Canada .

Is NDEB difficult?

As for NDEB its not a walk in the park. its extremely difficult to be certified in Canada and if you clear all the exams you still need to be a permanent resident to get your license. The exam is way more harder than NBDE.

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