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Is the vomer a cranial bone?

( Vomer visible at bottom left.) The vomer (/ˈvo?m?r/) is one of the unpaired facial bones of the skull. It is located in the midsagittal line, and articulates with the sphenoid, the ethmoid, the left and right palatine bones , and the left and right maxillary bones .

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Consequently, what type of bone is the vomer?

The vomer is a single facial bone that takes a form of a plate and its superior border gives two extensions called wings. With the help of these wings the vomer attaches to the inferior surface of the body of the sphenoid bone . The vomer also articulates with the ethmoid , both palatine bones , and both maxillary bones.

Beside above, what is the function of the vomer bone? The vomer is a singular bone that runs vertically within the nasal cavity and is part of the nasal septum following the midline of the viscerocranium. It creates the division between the two symmetrical sides of the nasal cavity.

Thereof, what are the cranial bones?

There are eight cranial bones, each with a unique shape:

  • Frontal bone. This is the flat bone that makes up your forehead.
  • Parietal bones. This a pair of flat bones located on either side of your head, behind the frontal bone.
  • Temporal bones.
  • Occipital bone.
  • Sphenoid bone.
  • Ethmoid bone.

Is the sphenoid bone a cranial bone?

The sphenoid is an unpaired bone . It sits anteriorly in the cranium , and contributes to the middle cranial fossa, the lateral wall of the skull, and the floor and sides of both orbits. It has articulations with twelve other bones : Unpaired bones – Occipital, vomer, ethmoid and frontal bones .

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