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What animals do millipedes eat?

Millipedes generally eat fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, moistened dry cat food, moistened fish food, rotting wood and rotting leaves. Not all species eat the same. Some species only live of specific food sources such as rotting woods, while others can live off anything.

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Furthermore, what do millipedes feed on?

In their natural habitat, most millipedes are scavengers. They eat damp or decaying wood particles. They also eat decaying leaves and other plant material. If their habitat starts to dry out, millipedes will attack living plants.

Similarly, do millipedes eat cockroaches? It turns out house centipedes actually eat cockroaches , ants, bed bugs, moths that can eat clothes, and other household pests. We don't keep a pristine house, and living in a condo there are always cockroaches and ants somewhere nearby, waiting to strike.

Likewise, people ask, do millipedes eat meat?

Millipedes are omnivores and seek out both plant and animal-based sources of food. They prefer to eat mostly dead and decaying plant-based matter, but they sometimes can be found snacking away on live roots or decomposing animals when those are the only option.

Can lizards eat millipedes?

Millipedes do not like the light and choose to live in the soil or under objects such as logs or rocks and stones. Unfortunately they cant eat them as they can 't eat wild insects such as millipedes as there is a risk that they are carrying parasites or other diseases.

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