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What are the advantages of management by objective?

Some of the advantages of management by objectives are:-
Clarity of Organisational Roles and Structures 9. Encouragement of Personal Commitment 10. Development of Effective Controls 11. Facilitate Coordination of Efforts.

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Also question is, what are the advantages and disadvantages of management by objectives?

2. Management by Objectives ( MBO ) may be resented by subordinates. They may be under pressure to get along with the management when setting goals and objectives and these goals may be set unrealistically high. This may lower their morale and they may become suspicious about the philosophy behind MBO .

Beside above, what are the problems of management by objectives? 5 Major Limitations of Management by Objectives (MBO)

  • Failure to Teach the Philosophy: As simple as MBO may seem, managers who are to put it into practice must understand and appreciate a good deal about it.
  • Problems of Goal Setting:
  • The Short Run Nature of Goals:
  • Dangers of Inflexibility:
  • Other Dangers:

Also know, what do you mean by management by objectives What are the benefits of MBO?

The main benefit of MBO is that it encourages personnel to commit themselves for the achievement of specified objectives . In a normal course people are just doing the work assigned to them. They follow the instructions given by the superiors and undertake their work as a routine matter.

What are the advantages of objectives?

The main advantages of objective may be explained as follows: It has been clearly defined that the organisation how the manager should behave in the organisation. Proper planning helps the executives to coordinate in the correct sense of direction towards the effective results.

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