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What are the maturity indices of vegetable crops?

Maturity indices are the sign or indication the readiness of the commodity for harvest. It is the basis for determining harvest date. A. Physiological maturity : It refers to the stage in the development of the fruits and vegetables when maximum growth and maturation has occurred.

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Also know, what are the importance of maturity indices?

Importance of maturity indices : • Ensure sensory quality (flavour, colour, aroma, texture) and nutritional quality. Ensure an adequate postharvest shelf life. Facilitate scheduling of harvest and packing operations. Facilitate marketing over the phone or through internet.

Also Know, what is the maturity indices of tomato? Maturity indices for determining harvest time of tomato is a combination of fruit age, diameter and color, because these correlate significantly with physico-chemical and nutritional characteristics including total soluble solids (TSS), total titrable acidity (TTA) and protein content.

Regarding this, what is crop maturity?

MATURITY . It is the stage of fully development of tissue of fruit and vegetables only after which it will ripen normally. During the process of maturation the fruit receives a regular supply of food material from the plant. When mature, the abscission or corky layer which forms at the stern end stops this inflow.

What is harvest index in crops?

For grain crops , harvest index (HI) is the ratio of harvested grain to total shoot dry matter, and this can be used as a measure of reproductive efficiency.

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