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What did Edmund Barton do that was important?

It introduced nation-wide women's suffrage, and laid the foundations of the White Australia policy with the Immigration Restriction Act 1901. Barton left politics in 1903 to become one of the three founding members of the High Court, which his government had created. He was succeeded as prime minister by Alfred Deakin.

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Also question is, why was Edmund Barton significant?

Edmund Barton Wanted Australia To Become One United Nation. Edmund Barton was appointed the very first prime minister of Australia. He was made prime minister from 1901 to 1903. After he was made prime minister his main task of ministry was to organize the very first federal elections.

what was Edmund Barton's job before politics? Barton became a barrister in 1871. He was a sociable young man with interests ranging from the literary and scholarly to cricket and fishing, and he established a wide circle of friends during his twenties. One of his fishing companions was George Reid, who took him along to the Sydney School of Arts Debating Society.

Likewise, people ask, which colony did Edmund Barton represent?

Barton entered New South Wales colonial politics in 1877, standing unsuccessfully as a candidate for the University seat in the Legislative Assembly, but winning the seat in 1879. He switched to the Wellington seat in 1880, then in 1882 to East Sydney, which he held until 1887.

Where did Edmund Barton live?


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