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What do I put in my golf ball washer?

Simply put two teaspoons of clean water in the golf ball washer and rub the ball such that the interior of the cleaner is fully in contact with the golf ball . The best thing about this golf ball cleaner is that you only wring out the water, air dry it and it will be ready for the next use .

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Besides, how do I make my golf ball white again?

Method 2: For Moderate Dirt

  1. Fill a bucket up to 75% with warm water.
  2. Add a bottle cap full of ammonia, bleach or white vinegar. Do not mix two cleaning agents.
  3. Soak the balls in this diluted solution for 20-30 mins.
  4. Take the golf balls out and Towel Dry them.
  5. This method allows you to wash a load of golf balls at once.

Subsequently, question is, can I put golf balls in the dryer? Tennis balls can also help any laundry load dry faster—just throw two or three in the dryer and your clothes will be done quicker.

Similarly, how do you clean golf balls at home?

Wipe the balls with a dry dish towel or rinse them with a hose. Fill a sink or bucket with warm water. Add about half a cup to a cup of liquid dish soap to the water. How much soap you use will vary based on how many golf balls you are cleaning and how dirty they are.

Why are Polara golf balls illegal?

A Golf Ball So Straight, It's Banned by the USGA. The Polara golf ball is so effective in correcting hooks and slices that the USGA banned its use in PGA sanctioned tournaments. Polara's patented asymmetrical dimple pattern technology is the reason the golf ball reduces slices and hooks by up to 75%.

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