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What does Frank Stella make?

Frank Stella
Known for Painting, printmaking, sculpture, architecture
Movement Modernism, minimal art, abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, abstract illusionism, lyrical abstraction, hard-edge painting, shaped canvas painting, color field painting
Awards 1984 Harvard University Charles Eliot Norton lectures

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People also ask, what does Frank Stella do?

Painter Sculptor Printmaker Visual Artist

Beside above, why did Frank Stella become an artist? Frank Stella (born May 12, 1936) is an American artist known for developing a Minimalist style that rejected the emotionality of Abstract Expressionism. His earliest celebrated works were painted in black. He calls his artistic development an evolution from Minimalism to Maximalism.

Additionally, what materials does Frank Stella use?

Stella used many different materials in the construction of this work, including particleboard , cardboard , felt, and house paint .

Is Frank Stella married?

Harriet McGurk m. 1978 Barbara Rose m. 1961–1969

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