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What does saga stand for?

South African Guild of Actors. SAGA .

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Also asked, what is Saga an acronym for?


Acronym Definition
SAGA Straight and Gay Alliance
SAGA Southeast Alaska Guidance Association
SAGA Stochastic Algorithms, Foundations, and Applications
SAGA South African Geophysical Association

Similarly, what does and the saga continues mean? noun. The definition of a saga is a long story, especially about something dramatic or about heroic events. An example of a saga is a long war novel such as War and Peace. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Copyright © 2018 by LoveToKnow Corp.

Also, what is Sage stand for?

Sage Publications → SAGE Publications – SAGE is universally referred to as SAGE (which stands for Sarah and George, not wikt: sage ). No one ever calls it Sage . This should also affect the category Category: Sage academic journals → Category: SAGE academic journals.

What does saga mean in Japanese?

saga (Noun) Something with the qualities of such a saga ; an epic, a long story. Saga (ProperNoun) Saga Prefecture - a prefecture in the Western island, Kyushu, Japan .

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