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What ethical issues software engineers should be aware of?

The ethical problems faced by the software engineer involve: the end product, the process of developing that product, and the human interactions in the development of the product. Computer ethics , according to the mass media, seems to include every conceivable misuse of computers.

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Besides, why do software engineers have ethical obligations to the public ethical principles?

PROFESSION – Software engineers shall advance the integrity and reputation of the profession consistent with the public interest. SELF – Software engineers shall participate in lifelong learning regarding the practice of their profession and shall promote an ethical approach to the practice of the profession.

Beside above, what are the professional and ethical responsibilities of a software engineer? Software engineers shall maintain integrity and independence in their professional judgment. Software engineering managers and leaders shall subscribe to and promote an ethical approach to the management of software development and maintenance.

Subsequently, question is, what are the 8 principles of software engineering code of ethics?

The Code of Ethics has eight principles : 1. PUBLIC – Software engineers shall act consistently with the public interest. 2. CLIENT AND EMPLOYER – Software engineers shall act in a manner that is in the best interests of their client and employer, consistent with the public interest.

Does ACM code of ethics change ethical decision making in software development?

Despite its stated goal, we found no evidence that the ACM code of ethics influences ethical decision making . Future research is required to identify interventions that do influence decision making , such as by helping developers identify parallels between their decisions and infamous software news stories.

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