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What food that start with U?

Some foods that begin with the letter " U "are umeboshi, umbrella fruit, ube, unsalted nuts, urchins,upside-down pineapple cake, unpasteurized cheese, unsweetenedchocolate and upma. These foods are a small portion of foods that begin with the letter " U ". Some of themcome from different culinary cultures.

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Simply so, what is an animal that starts with U?

There are only a few animals with names that start withthe letter U . A red or bald-headed uakari in the BrazilianAmazon.

Animal Names That Start With U .

Rank ?U Animals
1 Uakari
2 Umbrellabird
3 Urial

Furthermore, what food that starts with V?

Vinegar, cider Add to meal Vanilla extract Add to meal Veal, raw, ground Add to meal Vinegar, balsamic Add to meal

Also question is, what word starts with U?

Words that start with U

Word Scrabble ® Points Words With Friends ® Points
uric 6 8
udon 5 7
ulan 4 7
ulna 4 7

Are there any foods that start with the letter Z?

Here are some:

  • zabaglione — Rich Italian dessert made with egg yolks andsweet wine.
  • zebra steak or zebu steak — not recommended, butpresumably edible.
  • zebra mussels or zebra shark — also not recommended.
  • zinnias — garden flowers that are occasionally added tosalads or tacos.
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