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What happens when soil loses its fertility?

Soil as such does not lose fertility just by growing crops but it lose its fertility due to accumulation of unwanted and depletion of wanted inorganic salts from the soil by improper irrigation and acid rain water (quantity and quality of water).

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Moreover, how and why soil loses its fertility How may we restore it?

Nutrients are lost and soil exposed to erosion. the soil losses its fertility when we grow many crops again and again on it as the consume all the nutrients present there. it can be restored by growing legumes in the soil or leave it barren for some months.

what affects soil fertility? The amounts of nutrients available in soils depend on interactions between: soil properties—pH, texture and different clay minerals can have an influence on soil fertility . soil water—water in soil pores carries the nutrients to plant roots. fertilisers—an excess of a particular nutrient can impede the uptake of others

Also to know, are we running out of fertile soil?

No, we won't soon run out of soil , but billions of cubic feet of soil , particularly topsoil , is displaced every year. It isn't really lost, most is discharged into bays or oceans as silt from rivers discharging into them, and more is “lost” due to wind erosion.

What steps should be taken to improve soil fertility?

for improving soil fertility do the follow these steps … till the soil for loosing it for better aeration . add organic matter in your soil like vermicompost and farmyard manure. grow legume crops like peas and beans for naturally adding nitrogen in the soil as they are nitrogen fixation crops.

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