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What happens when the first line of defense is breached?

Once the outer line of defence is breached , the body very quickly starts up its first major attack on the invading substances. These circulating chemicals also activate the white blood cells of the innate immune system, turning them from circulating blobs into pathogen killing machines.

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Likewise, what is the 1st 2nd and 3rd line of defense?

These are three lines of defense , the first being outer barriers like skin, the second being non-specific immune cells like macrophages and dendritic cells, and the third line of defense being the specific immune system made of lymphocytes like B- and T-cells, which are activated mostly by dendritic cells, which

Similarly, what is the first and second line of defense? There are three lines of defense : the first is to keep invaders out (through skin, mucus membranes, etc), the second line of defense consists of non-specific ways to defend against pathogens that have broken through the first line of defense (such as with inflammatory response and fever).

Similarly one may ask, what is the first line of defense?

The first line of defence (or outside defence system) includes physical and chemical barriers that are always ready and prepared to defend the body from infection. These include your skin, tears, mucus, cilia, stomach acid, urine flow, 'friendly' bacteria and white blood cells called neutrophils.

What is the first line of defense in protecting your body from an attack by a microorganism?

Physical and chemical barriers form the first line of defense when the body is invaded. The skin has thick layer of dead cells in the epidermis which provides a physical barrier. Periodic shedding of the epidermis removes microbes. The mucous membranes produce mucus that trap microbes.

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