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What is a travel wholesaler?

Travel wholesaler as defined is an agent who offers travel -related products and services inside the travel industry. These travel -related products include tours, activities, accommodations and transportation. Wholesalers offer online booking for activities and tours and they should get commission in return.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what is a wholesaler in the travel industry?

Wholesaler . Wholesalers are companies that buy rooms in bulk then sell them to travel agents and OTAs, allowing hotels to generate more sales. Wholesalers are operating in the B2B segment, meaning they do not sell directly to the public but to other 3rd party sites and distribution channels.

Likewise, what is the role of wholesaler in promoting tourism products? Wholesaler are companies that supply retail travel agent with tour packages and accommodation to sell to consumers. Tour wholesalers package products together. They are able to achieve lower prices because of the volume of the business and the exposure they generate.

Secondly, what are travel operators?

A tour operator controls, books and devises the whole trip . They create a package holiday by combining all elements such as hotel, airport transfers, activities, restaurants, tours and such like. A travel agent sells the packages created by tour operators to the consumer.

What is the chain of distribution in the travel and tourism industry?

The chain of distribution means getting a product to a consumers for example hotels put packages together and give them to tour operators then tour operators give them to travel agencys to sell to the consumers so basically they are all working together to ensure consumers get the best deals and packages.

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