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What is better Java or PHP?

However, many programmers that use both languages will tell you PHP is the better choice. The main reason programmers choose PHP over Java is the speed. It's much faster to develop and PHP tends to have fewer issues when using shared hosting. When using Java , it's best to have a dedicated server for your hosting.

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Similarly, which is better Java or PHP for Web development?

Java is a compiled language (sort of) and as such, is faster than PHP . However, in-practice PHP is faster on the web (usually). Because PHP is designed for the web . PHP frameworks are designed for the enterprise web .

Beside above, what is difference between PHP and Java? Java is considered a compiled programming language. The difference is in the implementation: Java is compiled into bytecode and run on a virtual machine. PHP is what you call an interpreted language, or “script”—the code can be run as-is in their respective runtime environments (i.e., the server).

Hereof, which is more secure Java or PHP?

Java is more secure than PHP It prevents many activities from unreliable resources and allows all the Java programs to runs inside the sandwich only. Java can be a better choice when there is something complicated as it relies on the teams of highly professional developers.

Is PHP is good for Career?

Talking about PHP , this open-source programming language provides a cost effective way of building dynamic websites. There is good demand for PHP developers across the globe today. Hence you can definitely choose for a career in PHP in order to build a good future in software development.

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