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What is food market?

Food marketing is defined as the activities that take place within the food system be- tween the farm gate and the consumer. This includes processing, wholesaling, retailing, food service, and transportation functions and excludes all functions performed by pro- ducers on the farm.

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In this manner, how do food companies market their products?

Companies market food to children through television, radio, Internet, magazines, product placement in movies and video games, schools, product packages, toys, clothing and other merchandise, and almost anywhere a logo or product image can be shown.

Beside above, how are kids food marketed? Marketers target children and youth through packaging; giveaways and contests; product placement in movies, TV shows, and video games; through digital media such as text messaging, cell phones, email, and websites; viral marketing ; and cross-promotions involving movies, popular licensed characters, and even books.

Keeping this in view, how do you market fast food?

25 Restaurant Marketing Ideas: How to Market a Restaurant

  1. Loyalty Programs. Partnering up with online food apps should definitely be a consideration as part of your restaurant marketing plan.
  2. Set Up Your Google+ Account.
  3. Monitor Your Social Media Presence.
  4. Start a Blog.
  5. Have a Sleek, Functional Online Menu.
  6. Offer Coupons and Discounts.
  7. Use Mobile Ads.
  8. Start a Food Truck.

What do you understand by marketing?

Marketing is the process of interesting potential customers and clients in your products and/or services. The key word in this marketing definition is "process"; marketing involves researching, promoting, selling, and distributing your products or services.

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