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What is IPAQ questionnaire?

The International Physical Activity Questionnaires ( IPAQ ) comprises a set of 4 questionnaires . The purpose of the questionnaires is to provide common instruments that can be used to obtain internationally comparable data on health–related physical activity.

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Furthermore, what does IPAQ measure?

The IPAQ is a 27-item self-reported measure of physical activity for use with individual adult patients aged 15 to 69 years old. The IPAQ can be used clinically and in population research that compares physical activity levels between populations internationally.

One may also ask, what does IPAQ stand for? International Physical Activity Questionnaire

Regarding this, how is the IPAQ questionnaire scored?

Scoring a HIGH level of physical activity on the IPAQ means your physical activity levels equate to approximately one hour of activity per day or more at least a moderate intensity activity level. intensity activities achieving a minimum total physical activity of at least 3000 MET minutes a week.

Who created the IPAQ?


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