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What is the allusion in the Gettysburg Address?

Allusion . The phrase "four score and seven" is an allusion , or reference to another person or document. Here Lincoln is echoing the Bible's language for the life of a human. Psalm 90 gives the standard life as "threescore years and ten." Lincoln uses other allusions throughout his speech .

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Keeping this in view, what literary devices are used in the Gettysburg Address?

Allusion , Anaphora, Antithesis, and Imagery: Much of the power in Lincoln's speech comes from his tight verbiage and powerful diction. Lincoln employs allusions to the founding of the country, repeated structures, evocative imagery, and nuanced syntax to add literary and persuasive force to his claims.

Secondly, what is a metaphor in the Gettysburg Address? Birth, death, rebirth and immortality (“shall not perish”) — in a place that we will make sacred (“hallow” and “consecrate” and the key repeated word, “dedicate”) — is a stunning extended metaphor that turns into an biblical allusion of hope for transcendence even during the worst suffering, with the Battle of

Then, what does Lincoln allude to in the Gettysburg Address?

In about 260 words, beginning with the famous phrase, “Four score and seven years ago,” Lincoln honored the Union dead and reminded the listeners of the purpose of the soldier's sacrifice: equality, freedom, and national unity.

How does Lincoln use ethos in the Gettysburg Address?

Lincoln masterfully used ethos throughout his short Gettysburg Address in order to convince his audience of the necessity of carrying the Civil War out to its conclusion. He made a close connection with his listeners by using short sentences and simple language to make his argument.

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