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What is the atomic mass of europium 151?

Isotope Atomic mass (Da) Isotopic abundance (amount fraction)
151 Eu 150.919 857(9) 0.4781(6)
153 Eu 152.921 237(9) 0.5219(6)

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Also asked, what is the mass number of europium 151?


Additionally, how do you find the atomic mass of europium? The element europium exists in nature as two isotopes: Eu-151 has a mass of 150.9196 u and Eu-153 has a mass of 152.9209 u. The average atomic mass of europium is 151.96 u. Calculate the relative abundance of the two europium isotopes.

Beside this, what is the atomic mass of europium?

151.964  u

How many neutrons does europium 151 have?

Name Europium
Atomic Mass 151.964 atomic mass units
Number of Protons 63
Number of Neutrons 89
Number of Electrons 63
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