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What is the melting point range of Trimyristin?


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In this manner, what is the melting point of Trimyristin?

The literature gives a melting point range of 56-57 °C for trimyristin .

Similarly, why is Trimyristin insoluble in water? Trimyristin in insoluble in water because it has a long chain of C-H groups which takes this compound nonpolar. Instead we will be using dichloromethane because trimyristin is soluble in that liquid.

Also asked, what is Trimyristin used for?

Examples of allomones include natural insecticides, herbicides, and antibiotics. It is these secondary metabolites that are of interest to us as pharmaceutical (or medicinal) chemicals. Many have been found but a great many more await discovery.

Is Trimyristin polar?

Occuring in many vegetable oils as well as myristic acid. Trimyristin consists of long saturated hydrocarbon chains and it is relatively nonpolar. Thus using a relatively nonpolar solvent, trimyristin can be easily extracted by the concept of "like dissolves like".

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