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What is the ouchterlony test designed to do?

Ouchterlony double immunodiffusion (also known as passive double immunodiffusion) is an immunological technique used in the detection, identification and quantification of antibodies and antigens, such as immunoglobulins and extractable nuclear antigens.

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Thereof, what is the purpose of the Ouchterlony test?

In Ouchterlony double diffusion, both antigen and antibody are allowed to diffuse into the gel. This technique can be used to test the similarity between antigens, for example in a study of evolution. The pattern of lines that form can be interpreted to determine whether the antigens are same or different.

One may also ask, what is Immunodiffusion test? Immunodiffusion is a diagnostic test which involves diffusion through a substance such as agar which is generally soft gel agar (2%) or agarose (2%), used for the detection of antibodies or antigen. The commonly known types are 1. Single diffusion in two dimension (radial immunodiffusion or Mancini method ) 4.

Accordingly, is ouchterlony qualitative or quantitative?

The Ouchterlony test is a qualitative test that is used to analyze the components in mixtures of antigens or antibodies.

What is double diffusion technique?

Double immunodiffusion technique . Immunodiffusion is a technique for studying reaction between antigens and antibodies by observing precipitates formed by the combination of specific antigens and antibodies that have diffused in a gel in which they have been separately placed.

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