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What recipes call for caraway seeds?

Using Caraway Seeds in Cooking
  • Add caraway seeds to potato salad or coleslaw.
  • Add a pinch to any tomato-based sauce or soup.
  • Sprinkle over roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes.
  • Mix into cheese dip.
  • Sprinkle onto baked apples to enhance the flavor.
  • Add to shortbread cookies or Irish soda bread cookies.

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In this way, what spices go well with caraway seeds?

**Caraway pairs well with these spices: Allspice , Cardamom , Cinnamon , Coriander , and Fennel seeds . **Caraway compliments recipes containing: Apples, Cabbage , Cheese, Pears, Pork, Sausages, and Sauerkraut. **Since Caraway's cooked/roasted flavor is strong, you will only need a small amount of it in your recipe.

Secondly, can I use cumin instead of caraway seeds? Caraway Seeds as Cumin Replacement Use caraway seeds in place of cumin seeds , or ground caraway in place of ground cumin . Start with half as much as the recipe calls for, and adjust to suit your tastes. This substitute shouldn't affect the color of your recipe.

Hereof, is there another name for caraway seeds?

Caraway , also known as meridian fennel, and the fruit ( seeds ) are often used whole and have a flavor that's similar to anise.

What is caraway seed good for?

Caraway is used for digestive problems including heartburn, bloating, gas, loss of appetite, and mild spasms of the stomach and intestines. Caraway oil is also used to help people cough up phlegm, improve control of urination, kill bacteria in the body, and relieve constipation.

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