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What to wear to graduation for men?

A suit is the most popular way to dress up for graduation : choose a stylish grey, blue or navy one, add a white shirt, a black tie and black or brown shoes, and voila!

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Similarly, what men wear to graduation ceremony?

Graduation Blazer & Trousers With your trousers, you can go all out, wearing something plain and simple on top will draw the attention to your trousers. A printed or colourful trouser will help you to stand out from the crowd. Stick to a dark neutral shade such as navy or black if you want to keep your look clean.

Similarly, should I wear a suit to graduation? Do not wear a full suit and tie under your cap and gown. Unless you plan to graduate from a school in the Arctic, you might actually melt in a full suit and tie.

Also asked, what should dads wear to graduation?

Fathers . Barring a specific school dress code for graduation guests, fathers should aim for business or business casual attire. A suit is always an appropriate choice for graduation ceremonies.

What should I wear to my graduation?

What to Wear to Graduation

  • Graduations are typically semi-formal so opt for classic attire.
  • Dress for the weather. When the temperature rises, be sure to wear something that keeps you fresh.
  • Put comfort first as you will be wearing this outfit for many hours.
  • Inject a bit of colour into your outfit.
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