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Which US states have the most tornadoes?

The states where the most tornadoes hit
  • 155: Texas.
  • 96: Kansas.
  • 66: Florida.
  • 62: Oklahoma.
  • 57: Nebraska.
  • 54: Illinois.
  • 53: Colorado.
  • 51: Iowa.

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Then, what are the top 10 states for tornadoes?

States With the Most Tornadoes

  1. Texas.
  2. Kansas.
  3. Oklahoma.
  4. Florida.
  5. Nebraska.
  6. Iowa.
  7. Illinois.
  8. Missouri.

what state has the most tornadoes 2019? Oklahoma's 146 tornadoes in 2019 are the most on record, but twisters may have been under-counted in the past

  • A tornado briefly emerges out of the rain on a murky day in eastern Oklahoma on May 22. (
  • A tornado strikes east of Moorefield, Neb., on May 17. (

Considering this, which state has the most tornadoes?

The states with the highest number of F5 and EF5 rated tornadoes since data was available in 1950 are Alabama and Oklahoma, each with seven tornadoes . Iowa, Kansas, and Texas each are tied for second- most with six. The state with the highest number of F5 and EF5 tornadoes per square mile, however, was Iowa.

How many US states have had tornadoes?

There have been 545 tornadoes nationally through May 6, according to NOAA. Historically, an average of 321 tornadoes occur in the U.S. through the end of April, based on a 25-year average. AccuWeather predicts there will be roughly 325 tornadoes nationally in May and roughly 200 in June.

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